Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Help me travel the world

My not so impressive visitor stats

So I have a new quest, which is of itself not that new in the general sense of the idea, but new in the particulars of this quest. Those that know me know that new quests for me pop up at about the same rate of sunrises and sunsets - and on a good day maybe twice that number.

But I digress - my new quest is to have my blog read in every country that Google reports from. I have recently install some analytical software from google so that I can see where my visitors are coming from and it is from the above map that I got the idea that it would be nice to be able to say that I am a world-wide read author. The present title of "Best on the block", well actually "Best on this side of the block" doesn't really do much for me.

Perhaps it is from watching one too many sci-fi flicks where there is a mad scientist wanting to take over the world that has sent me on this quest. But it is a quest never the less.

So here is the assignment for each of my loyal followers: please copy this address-
and send it off to at least one of your friends that lives outside of Canada - the more obscure the better, and encourage them to visit leave a comment on my blog. You can also click on the facebook button below and share the link with your friends. This could be interesting for all of us to see how fast this type of social networking takes off.

I will post the results from this experiment weekly and we can, as a crowd see of fast we reach our goal of world domination.

Now I must go and think of something pithy to write so your friends won't be too mad at you for sending them to this website. I know I'll write about the big man eating rat I just caught in the basement!


  1. From Pam and Neil: Hi Frank, That was real nice of you to break your horse's fall and save it from getting bruised..could have been worse.. like.landing in a big bear scat as well! Looks like Pam and I will be over in Kamloops a week before school vacation starts at the end of June...and making pests of ourselves for about six weeks in total. Your disclaimer is fantastic.. what a man's man you are!?

  2. Ooops -sorry I deleted your original comment while cleaning up my comments. All should be good again


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