Thursday, February 24, 2011

Attack of the howler monkeys and deep philosophical questions

Okay, I know they are not howler monkeys, but when you slow down the video the results are howler monkey-like. I just had to share this as I find it amazing to watch wildlife in a different time frame.

Our perceptions of time are fixed by our abilities to discern discreet events in our day-to-day life. For all we know, time may appear much differently to an animal with faster reflexes and keener eyes. Or what of the rock or mountain that experiences time on a geological scale. Think on that the next time you plunk your butt down on a boulder that has been watching the earth unfurl for the last million years or so.

Okay, before I get too much grief for mentioning that maybe rocks experience time in a manner different to us we must keep an open mind. I mean, if the latest crop of politicians want us to believe that voting for them will in any way change our lot in life then I can assign sentient qualities to rocks.

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  1. That's some pretty extraordinary footage Frank. It has given me a renewed interest in the Starling.


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