Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bathtime for Bonzo

Or was that "Bedtime for Bonzo", you remember, the old Ronald Reagan movie. But I digress because this post has absolutely nothing to do with past US presidents, or present US presidents for that matter, but I did think the title did offer a unique segue to this short clip I had composed of a chukar bathing in a dust bath.

Chukar, even though they possess an uropygial gland, still like to get a good dust bath in whenever possible. The uropygial gland as you may well remember from Biology 350 is the gland that birds use the oil from to preen themselves with. Some birds don't possess this gland nor do humans and hence our need for Brylcreem and other stylish hair gels.

Anyhow, I wanted to post this short video as I have been busy with the books and preparing for a job interview instead of fun things like shooting video and writing.


  1. I dare you to use the term 'uropygial gland' in our next grammar class.

  2. That's pretty neat Frank, I have not seen that before.

  3. You must have a uropygial gland Frank. How else could you keep that lichenoid facial growth under control? As for the rest of humanity, perhaps we should 'do the dust dance' prior to all candidates' forums (fora?). After all, they are LOADED with parasitic organisms.
    By the way, who is 'Old Rebel', and does Brenda know about her?

  4. Hi Frank,first time in your blog and i already looked at most of the post's :-),,i appreciate your time and effort,i was wondering whats a habitat range of chukar?i know thay are upland and more dry area lover, i live in vancouver and very interested to see them close shot and have some photo's
    Bahram thanks


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