Monday, February 7, 2011

Quick I need a rhyme for horse!!

So once again my hands are quicker than my brain. I had come across the BC Cowboy Heritage Society website and thought - hey I should enter that poetry competition again. Before you could say "dog-dieing and girl crying" I had signed up for the event.

Shortly thereafter I looked at the website to see who else had also signed up. I had recognized a few of the names but the entry that generated the most fear was some young fresh faced kid who looks about 8 years old. There was a rule in Vaudeville and that was to never follow an act with a kid and not to work with monkeys. I don't know about the latter but I definitely know about the former.

The previous year when I had entered the poetry competition there were thankfully, no junior combatants. In the musical category though there was one pint-sized singer who was not only cute-as-a-button but also an incredibly talented singer. She took home all of the hardware along with a thousand dollars to tuck in her jeans. I see she is also retunring to the festival as a main stage performer.

So now I am hoping the young poet that I will be expected to perform alongside comes down with some childhood affliction like mumps or chicken pox. Perhaps I'll get lucky and he'll be made to stay after school on the day of the festival and he just won't show up.

Lacking an effective hex to put on my competitors I may have to break down and write some really good cowboy poems. That or perhaps I can catch the end of the Star Trek marathon. Live long and prosper!!


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