Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just a little cleaning

 Please note: Story below has nothing to do with this image. I just like the photo.

Cleaning up my computer today and came across this bit of writing I had done for the Canada's Writes 2010 competition. This was to get us through the qualifying round and into the interview stage. We had been told to write a movie pitch in 200 words or less and have it based loosely on one of the top 50 Canadian Songs. I chose the Ian and Sylvia classic "Four Strong Winds" and came up with the following.

I post it here because I think it is cruel to write a story and then not set it free. Much like a butterfly in a glass jar. Or perhaps in the case of my writing, more like keeping a slug in a tin can - not quite as pretty but still deserving of a bit of freedom:

The movie “Four Strong Winds” has nothing to do with the Ian and Sylvia classic but they do make a brief cameo appearance as one of the country music acts that are a backdrop to the real action of the movie.

Four Strong Winds is actually the title of the great Canadian Chili cook-off that occurs every year, concurrently with the Halfway First Nation’s rodeo.  The movie follows the antics of Shorty, Mel and Hank who are entering the competition with an eye on the $10,000 prize money – money needed to save their ranch.

Shorty, the camp cook, is trying to stay on the wagon but the temptations are many especially since his recipe calls for a fifth of Scotch. Mel enters the pony express race and is fixing to dope up old Stewball, but Viagra, instead of speeders , make it into the equine cocktail with nearly fatal and very embarrassing results. Hank is entered into the talent show and becomes romantically involved with Barbara Budd (the celebrity judge.)  Barbara is also the wife of a homicidally jealous husband.

Will the crew win the purse and save the ranch? Will Stewball or Hank find true love?
Watch the movie!


  1. Frank,
    I thought this was supposed to be an entirely fictional work and yet you drew from your personal experiences during the "Iditibike" race. Discerning friends know that substituting the name "Stewball" for "Frank" doesn't suffice.

  2. Hey Bob - While substituting Frank for Stewball and Viagra for Speeders the story does bear almost too amazing a resemblance to the truth. I wonder now if the whole exercise was not a Freudian slip of epic proportion. Perhaps that is why I placed so poorly in the Idiotbike.


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